CAPSTONE class description?


What is the last RN-BSN course (Capstone) like?

Can we do all the work at home, or is it one of those times where we have to go out and find someone to talk to / interview / observe?

Are there still quizzes and discussion boards?

I think I heard we have to do a PowerPoint.

What grade did you end up getting for the course?

Any kind of information that will decrease my anxiety will be helpful. THANKS!!!!


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I'm also interested in what this class entails. I will be starting capstone in a couple weeks. I have heard that there is a PowerPoint also.


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Discussions (one each week for 6 points (6 pts * 5 weeks = 30% of your grade)) - the discussions are typically very straight forward and minimally time consuming like the other courses in the program.

Journal entries (3 points each for 4 weeks = 12% of your grade) - these are basically 1-2 paragraphs of writing each week answering a prompt about your RN to BSN experience and your professional growth/development over the program. Again, minimally time consuming.

Journey paper (10% of your grade) - basically taking your 4 weeks of journal writing and putting them into a formal paper at the end of the program with some modification. This takes probably a few hours of time.

Capstone project (42% of your grade divided into 3 parts) - Basically, you develop a presentation (PowerPoint) from the perspective of the nurse as a leader, educator, or clinical expert. The perspective and topic are completely your choice. Your presentation must have information supported by a minimum of 9 peer reviewed research articles cited in APA format. The presentation itself as well as a few planning documents and evaluation forms comprise this portion of the course.

Resume - Basically, submit a professional looking, error-free resume at the end of the course for 6% of your total course grade.

That's it! No quizzes, no tests, no shadowing a nurse leader, nothing outside of your home. Easy course. Ended up with an A+++ (almost a perfect score). Everything is very straightforward. Follow the directions, meet all criteria in the rubric, and you get an A.

The curriculum continues to use the scaffolding style in which each week's assignment builds on the previous week to culminate in a larger final assignment (such as each journal entry being used in the final paper, and each week's presentation portion building up to the final submission at the end).


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WOW. Thanks so much, Just1nRN!!! You definitely made me feel better and less anxious. I'll be starting the course in November (I know, a little early to be thinking about it), but I can't stop thinking about what the very last course will be like!! HAHA. I was just hoping that the last course wouldn't be so hard and time-consuming... that it'd be a more "chill" class because, hey, it's the end. Why would they want to screw you over at the very end?! I guess I'm just being a bit paranoid because all of the other classes I've taken have been great. It just seems too good to be true that I'm getting closer and closer to graduating, and I feel something bad is going to happen... that I'm going to do bad on my last class!

I actually just Googled the syllabus sometime after I created the thread, and everything you said was right there for me to look at as well. Thanks again for your input.

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