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An aide where I work has the most adorable scrub capri pants. She has them in white and the length falls between the knees and ankles. I would love to get some. They are appropriate for where I work. I work in a very homey LTC facility. Anyone know where I could get some? She said she got them years ago at a scrub store but does not remember where. Thanks Colleen

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I have seen them at I can see them being cute in certain work situations, like yours. I could get away with them for summer school but I have ankle tattoos that I need to keep under wraps!


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Thank you! I went right to I clicked on women's pant and the first pair listed is capri pants! They are so cute and perfect for where I work. It can get so hot when you are running around in a LTC facility in the middle of summer. They are only 10.99. I am off to shop. Colleen

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