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Capella, or other recommendations with a goal of CRNA

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Hey all! I'm an RN with 7 years of experience, mostly in Labor & Delivery. Currently I am a traveller, and loving it. However, I believe the time has come move my career and education forward. I'm ready to pursue my BSN, with the eventual goal of APRN. Specifically CRNA calls to me, but am keeping my mind and options open with NP

I'd love some input on ADN/RN>BSN programs, with an emphasis on schools with flexible schedules and progression plan that work with hectic lifestyles. 

I've been looking into the FlexPath that Capella offers. While this seems like an ideal option, I do have some reservations. How competitive or accepted is a degree from Capella? I'm aware that WGU grads can only achieve an equivalent of a 3.0 with their pass/fail system, and that even with this point system that some schools don't view this as relevant or competitive.  Does this also hold true for the Capella program, even though their admissions counselors state that a 4.0 is achievable? Will this be acceptable for a competitive program like CRNA?

Other than Capella, does anybody have program recommendations or input? Price, flexibility, and supportive resources are my main concerns. Programs that require synchronicity and mandatory login times are pretty much out for me. I have little control over my schedule as a primarily nightshift traveler. 

Thanks to everyone who stuck with me through that novel!!!

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