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I am applying to the Capella RN to BSN program. My goal is getting into a FNP program after getting a BSN. Has anyone heard or had any negative experiences when trying to get accepted to a FNP program with Capella being undergrad? Because Capella is an 100% online school and has a unique grading system / credit unit, I am worrying if this will negatively affect my acceptance to a FNP program. TIA


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I would love an answer to this question as well. I'm thinking of going to Capella too, but I'm concerned that it may make me look less competitive within the FNP application process. I think their program is still better than WGU because the flex program offers a GPA as opposed to pass fail.


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Any updates on this?


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Any updated on this because I'm wondering the same thing 


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Did anyone eventually get any experience with this? I want to do the program because I'm confident I can save myself a lot of time, but don't want to jeopardize graduate school.

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I graduated and I’m entertaining 3 NP schools whom all are aware I graduated from Capella. 

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