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Cant pass NCLEX PN and need advice........


hello everyone! so i already took the nclex twice and haven't passed it. i was an average student and graduated in summer 2008. i'm really embarrassed about failing twice because most people who graduated with me passed the first time and i don't want to sign up to take it again because i'm beyond scared to fail again, i'm really really down on myself! if anyone has any helpful hints on how to get prepared again let me know... i've been studying exam cram and saunders a lot.

my 2nd problem is that with the economy being the way it is i am still in retail and broke! i know i can't work as a graduated nurse since i already failed, but i can work as a cna since i graduated school right? i'm not sure but i thought that was the case. and if that's true does anyone know how i would go about getting a certificate for being a cna?

are there any other positions in the medical field that i could apply for since i have garduated with my lpn that i do not know about?

any answers would be fantastic! =)

thanks for your time!


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Contact the school you graduated from they should be able to get you the CNA form, Just fill it out send it in & they will let you know where & when to take the test

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