Can't issue LVN license?


Just wanna ask if the thread that I read here is true regarding to nclex PN that once you recieved your notification letter saying you passed is BVNPT will ask for your local RN lic (Phi) ??

Because I'm a filipino I finish my BSN in Phi last 2009. I took NLE but failed. So 2011 came and i move here in Cali as immigrrant. Apply for ncle RN got denied due to cases issues so I decided to apply for nclex PN here in cali. I took my pn exam last may 2013 for the first time and still getting good pop up til now. Coz all we know cali is not participating in quick results so i have to wait 2-3 weeks.

So its that true that once I received my notification letter saying that i passed. BVNPT will ask for my local lic (Phi) and they will not issue my lvn license number or card?? I'm wondering because it didnt say to requirements. And before i finish my requirement to bvnpt i also included a letter why I dont have license and as far as i know they dont need local lic. Whats the point of being eligible if they gonna ask local lic from the first place i already explain to them. Coz im worried i took lvn exam so that i can work here in cali. Please reply to this post.. Im getting crazy now :(

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