Can't find entry-level job in Naples, FL!!


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I have a good friend who graduated from a prestigious NY nursing school with me, then moved to Naples, FL. She was 4th in our class and is a wonderful RN, yet she cannot find a job in that area of Florida. People she's met there say that it takes longer on average to complete the hiring process, but she's getting frustrated. It's been over a month and still no job. A couple of the hospitals she's applied to haven't even called her back.

Does anyone have experience and or helpful tips regarding the hiring process for RN's in Florida?

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I live in Estero, Fl, right between naples and fort myers and I know Lee Memorial Health System is on a "hiring freeze" for almost a year now. Im not sure if Collier County is as well, but job openings right now are slim. My friend got hired as a new graduate after summer term ended and only 8 people were hired into the internship program and all of them already worked in the system as techs or other positions before getting hired as new grads. Not good to hear, but thats what i know.


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:up:I have to say that i'm in the same boat except i went to school in nj and moved down to miami. i've been here for eleven weeks and still no job. she might be better off and going back home like i am. they're just slower down here than up north. sorry to say but it's true and b/c fl has one of the highest unemployment rates it's even harder. the problem down here is that they have these versant programs and they won't even consider you for one of their hospitals unless you have a FL RN license first. Versant is what all the hospitals are picking up down here. it's a great program but the geniuses who came up with it didn't stagger so basically a majority of the hospitals that have these programs all start them at the same time, Nov, Mar, and Aug. Unfortunately I came down here in Aug and the slots for Nov were taken up so I have to either wait til Mar or go back home to NY. This is the dumbest thing and most likely if i leave i'm never coming back. so Good luck to you!:nurse:

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I there! I'm a new grad too. My case is even worse than yours. I'm from the east coast of Florida but went to nursing school on the west coast in Estero. I graduated in4/08,got my RN 06/08 and moved back to the east coast to be with family. The situation on the east coast is just as bad if not worst than the west coast. In Miami and ft. Lauderdale the hospitals are first allowing grads with scholarships through those particular hospitals. The only internship program that is opening up out here is in January with Holy Cross Hospital. All the other big systems like the Baptist Health System has just cancelled their Internship/ Versant program for March/09. The Memorial Health Syaytem which is huge is only taking grads from their scholarship program. I believe Jackson Memorial Hospital may have something for March/09 and also University of Miami Hospital may have something for January. You might want to check them out here on the east coast befor packing your bags.:nurse: What's worst is that even if you try to get a job at some other type of facility other than a hospital, they won't even look at you unless you have at least one year in an acute care setting! Geez Louise....!:balloons:Might as well think positive and acyt on it. The other alternative gets us nowhere!

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