Cant decided what to do... help anyone.


Hey... need some guidance.

I am a married mother of 2, work full time, and am in school to become a nurse like you all are.

Problem is.... do I quit working to go to school full time and live off of loans, grants, etc.. is it possible to do this?


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you have a tough situation. Personally, I would not want to spend YEARS paying back that much money. Do you have any friends or family who can help? Believe me, they will want your help once you get that RN


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I wanted to start nursing school right away but I waited and worked my gluteus maximus off to save so I would be as financially prepared as I could be for nursing school. I am entering my 2 1/2 month of nursing school and assignments can pile up on you if you let them which becomes even more so complicated if you have to work, care for family, and other responsibilities not related to nursing that could really burn into study time.

Like Classicdame above I would not like to finish school only to have a ton of loans to pay off. If you can wait and save in my personal advice I would but if you have to go now and you have to work like the rest of the world I would say just prepare yourself as mentally, emotionally, and physically as you can. A small touch of sniffles could lead you to missing those oh-so-precious days in class. I've been taking multi vitamins to help. Take care of yourself, and prepare for a bumpy, yet triumphant when it's over ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


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Can u possibly work weekends???thats how i did it when i was in school yet i didnt have any kids

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I use my loans for childcare for my youngest child and all school costs, I am a single mom for 5 months a year but not financially so I can't honestly say what would be ok for you and what cost of living is in your area to know if it would provide enough. But I would say, if you can make it work to where it's affordable for you to live off the loans and stuff and go to school and give up your job, that is what I do. Nursing school is going to take up a lot of your time, work will take up the rest, that doesn't leave much room for the kids. NOW if you have no option but to keep working, then you have to do what you have to do in order to provide for your kids and although it will suck to not have time with them, a light will be there in the end. BUT if you can make it work to where you can stop working. It will be a lot easier to balance school and kids, rather then trying to balance all 3.

Best of luck to you!