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i know ive wanted to be a nurse since i can remember. but my problem is that i dont like to be in school especially taking classes i dont need, thats one of the reasons i dropped out of college. i am 22 years old and i feel like i am runing out of time, i want to be working in my field by the time i am 25. i was thinking of doing the LPN program then transitioning to RN. but i cant find any info on it. i dont want to take english or other classes i dont need. please help. ill take all the info or opinions i can get.

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I think it will be hard for you to become a nurse or to advance in the profession if you insist on only taking classes you "need." Nursing today requires an increasingly advanced skill set. You will need to be able to write coherent nursing notes that other people can read, communicate effectively with doctors and other professionals, read journals to keep abreast of the latest studies and standards of care. Good English skills are absolutely essential! If you're really not at all interested in becoming educated maybe you should stick to CNA.

I agree with Jeanette73, there is no class that you don't need. The more education you have, the broader your world view will be, and the more you will see how all things work in sysems, with rules, and applications to health care (not to mention the rest of life). I myself had a degree in chemistry when I went to nursing school, and that was immensely helpful. But also all of the other science and liberal arts courses were useful, too. One of the most useful courses I ever took were my 4 years of high-school Latin--all of those strange abbreviations like stat., p.o., BID, etc. (and et cetera is even one,too) are all latin, as are most medical terms.

I agree with your plan to become an LPN first. See if you can handle the academic work, then graduate, get a job, and go back to school at your convenience. The unfortunate thaing is that your job prospects as an LPN will be somewhat limited. Have you thought of what specialty you would like to be in nursing?

Dave Dunn, RN

If you are passionate about people and nursing, pursue it. Have you considered taking some of the classes online? I took Nutrition online and it was interactive and interesting. This venue allows you to study and take tests at your convenience. I encourage you to think about your future. You are very young and getting a good education, especially in nursing is extremely valuable and rewarding. I hope you find encouragement and hope here at allnurses. I know I have.

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