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Hi everyone! Quick question, I graduate from my ABSN program in about a week with the ultimate end goal of becoming a CRNA. I recently got an offer to work in the CVICU(through a new grad residency) from a level 3 trauma center. The types of patients I would help take care of would include CABG, valve replacements, VAD, Swan-Ganz and some ECMO. According the nursing manager I interviewed with, many of these patients are high acuity and he stressed the importance of being ready to handle that. 

On the other hand, I also got an offer from a level 1 trauma center to work in MICU where some of the more common patients seen include ESRD, liver failure, MODS, newly diagnosed or existing autoimmune & pulmonary disorders, and critically ill oncology patients. Of course, these patients are also high acuity.

Out of these two I feel like the CVICU may be more helpful because of the types of patients I would see, but I am not sure how much the level of trauma associated with the hospital matters. I would love to hear some thoughts on which job you recommend for my future goals? One plus is they both seem to have good work environments, so I will be happy either way. TIA!


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Both would be fine, Do you the CRNA program you plan to apply to? You could ask them for feedback. If I was you I'd go to the CVICU. 

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