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Cannot get any references.

Hi there,

I am asking on behalf of a friend of mine.

We are recent grads. She has never worked any job before, and she is having trouble gathering references. A few of our instructors she wanted to contact have actually retired and one is on sick leave.

Is it kosher for her to use other students she's had clinical with, to confirm that she's a hard worker, has clinical skills etc.? We studied together but I have never had clinical with her, so I would rather not be a ref myself.

Thank you :)


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Can she use a preceptor? Or nurses/managers from the Unit she did her preceptorship? Professors from school?

Using fellow students is not a good idea on the basis that the students are not good judges of skills, and other attributes a manager may ask the reference about. Also, generally, references should be someone who can judge your work, so your peers are not good candidates.

I will give her these suggestions :) thank you

She may want to consider volunteering somewhere to gain references. This will also look good on a resume. Also, a coach from a sports team could provide a reference...maybe the school offers employment advisors who could assist with this?

joanna73, BSN, RN

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Clinical nursing instructors can be used as a reference as well. In addition to my employer references, I have contact with a former instructor who I have used as a reference.

Just ensure they will provide a good reference.


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