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Candidates for University of Rochester AMPNN

:redbeathe Hello! I am applying for the University of Rochester's AMPNN Program. Currently, I am a certified school psychologist and have a M.A. and a C.A.S. in this area, as well as B.A.s in economics and psychology. My grade point average when I finished at Alfred University was 3.7. I am going to be volunteering at a hospice or a nursing home to strengthen my application but I am really not sure what else to do. I have heard they generally have about 400 applicants per semester. Can people who have been admitted to this program tell me what your credentials are so I have a basis for comparison to help determine my chances for admission? As much detail as possible would be appreciated. Thanks!


Specializes in Gerontology, nursing education.

Moving to New York program discussion forum to elicit more answers.

Hi SarahVestal! I too am looking to apply to this program to begin next year. I'm currently in Southern Cali but have heard great things about their program. My profile: B.A.'s Psychology and History from University of California, San Diego. My GPA from my undergrad is weak however I am holding a 4.0 in all of the pre-reqs. I have volunteered for the past 3 years in an oncology unit, mental health unit, peds clinic, for an endocrinologist , and an urgent care (of course not all at the same time though they did overlap. Probably 400+ hrs clocked volunteer time) while working full time for a Management Health Care company. I also traveled abroad to volunteer for a very short period of time as well.

Congrats on your success so far! Your professional and academic record is extremely impressive and will assist you. Your skills are tranferrable to nursing and should be highlighted. Why the change from being a school psychologist?


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