Cancelling contract early for health reason?

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Has anyone had to ever cancel their contract early. I'm actually and EEG Technologist, and just trying to use all of my resources. Recently had a 24 hr hospital stay, due to my type II diabetes. The doctors said it would be fine to follow up with them while I'm here (my contract ends August 14th). I'm also finding that, where I was placed just isn't a good fit for me and am not happy. Everyone keeps telling me, just go home, get your health back on track with the Docs that you know, then take another assignment when you're ready. The company I work for (a. u. r. e. u. s.) (spelled that way because I'm sure they have google alerts or something), already seemed up in arms when I said that might be what I need to do, which is understandable.

Has anyone been in this type of predicament or something similar where you had to leave your contract early, even for any reason. Thanks!


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Sorry about your health problems. And your choice of agencies. They have a record of playing hardball. Read your contract carefully about termination penalties, those are enforceable here. I would recommend you complete your contract. As far as your health goes, I understand you are looking for a good reason to leave. Completely rational when you are unhappy. But ask yourself if a doctor who "knows" you will be able to treat you any better than the ones near your assignment. You are the one who knows better than anyone what works for you and can give good guidance to any physician given good communication. They sound OK to work with you. Stay and while you may not be happy, I think it will be less stressful than a contract dispute you are unlikely to win.