Canadian trained NP -- US exam?

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AANC and AANP both tell me no -- there is no mechanism to sit the FNP exam with a foreign master's. Has anyone out there tried, or heard something different?

Thank you.

When you say "foreign master's", I think it may matter which foreign country one trained in. I know many Canadian NPs who wrote the FNP in the US successfully. I also know US trained NPs who wrote the Canadian exam successfully. I think it is well known that the two countries have equivalent training programs for both the BSN and NP. However, this may not be true for NP programs in more distant parts of the world...

I'm so glad you posted this as I'm rather curious as well. Thinking about getting an NP in the states - I am an RN here. IF I get my NP then move back to Canada (my home), can I do the same job as long as I pass the Canadian test? Or are there other hurdles? I've been told being an RN in Ontario with a us license is not so easy. Wondering about the NP issue. Thank you so much!!

Thanks for the link. The CNO told me they would evaluate the education of a US FNP program (I did not ask about ANP because as posted elsewhere I think there is a greater need for FNP in Ontario where there is a shortage of family practice docs) just as they do a US RN program and decide on eligibility. My US BSN was sufficient for that level, and I am preparing to take the CRNE. I would prefer to do the post-master's certificate in the US (I already am a CNM) because, from what I gather, the US organizations require a US accredited program to be eligible for the exam. Therefore there is more flexibility Canada/US if you train in the US.

This is clearly for those who have status in both countries and can practice in either location. Not sure if Ontario (or other province) has recruitment methods for foreign trained nurses as the US seems to have.

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