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Canadian RN to work in the USA

Hey everyone,

I am an emergency nurse who is looking to travel to work in the USA. I dont have an exact plan but was wanting to take a year to explore my options. I completed my NCLEX and am a part of the Minnisota Board of Nursing. Now I am finding it extremely difficult to start the immigration process. No agencies want to help with answering questions about the CGFNS and TN visa process. I see that to obtain your visa screen you must have all of the clinical placements in university? I was unable to do rotations in mat-child and mental health. Where do I go to get these clinical placements in ontario? Or is this requirement just for if I want to go to a specific state that requires this? Ie. California. I am just a bit lost as to where I should start to get some information or answers on this long, drawn out process



Silverdragon102, BSN

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC. Has 32 years experience.

To meet state requirements you must have met clinical and theory requirements. Therefore you should be OK for vsc.


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