Canadian RN missing hours for TX BON

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Hi there,

Any Canadian RNs apply to the Texas BON and able to to get their license or ATT with missing psych clinical hours on their CES report. I am going crazy trying to figure out how to get these hours and Im just wondering if I don't need to worry?

Do anyone know if they would accept orientation hours from my workplace on an acute inpatient mental health ward? My workplace is willing to give me an unpaid orientation/clinical hours but it won't be associated to a university or course.

Specializes in Surgical/Trauma/Neuroscience/Cardiac ICU.

Hi. Did Texas BON respond yet re. deficiency? The Texas BON website has info re. course remediation, although I didn't see theory/clinical hours r/t Psychiatrics. 

You could wait with what Texas BON recommendations are. Regardless of the CES result, they could either give you the license or recommended for remedial courses. If the latter is the case, you can inquire from the schools in Texas w the deficiency letter. 

The BON usually would like you to complete the course w a transcript in the same State so usually preferred a Texan school rather than somewhere else. 

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