Canadian RN - cannot find work

U.S.A. Florida


Canadian RN who recently moved to Florida.
Passed the NCLEX, 10y experience in nursing. Got a temporary Florida License.
All is good.

Sent 40+ applications to work - only one interview that lasted 5 minutes (both nurse and manager where nervous and giggling).

There's no doubt I'm doing things that are working against me. I'm certainly not the best nurse out there (far from it), but I believe I have something of value to offer. I used to work at an ER in a large city, before moving to a small town where they had a small "ICU" - really anything that was unstable - I used to escort patients out by plane or ambulance to the nearest city, sometimes covering for them in their ER. Did 5 years as a Nursing Officer in the Air Force - amazing time. Had the chance to work in toxicology, addiction, military training, public health, etc.

Now that I'm applying in Florida, I cannot get *any* job. I've applied to hospitals, public health, home nursing, LTC facilities, oddities, etc. Nothing. I feel like if I were a new grad it would be much easier.

The only thing that makes sense is that my resumes and cover letters are working against me. I'm sure you've read many posts like this one, but I would really enjoy working in US. I'm very versatile and simply enjoy caring for people in almost any settings (except for pediatrics or obstetrics - because I never tried).

Any suggestions or advices welcome.nurse-meme-quit-696x696.jpg


Edit: I'm not fat and can dance. 6'3" male, good looking, considering OF.

I already created my OF and now figuring out how to get that to take off. At $32/hr, I'm living paycheck to paycheck. I've been getting rejected from every job I applied to left and right and have been trying to leave my unit for at least two months.

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