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Hello everyone,

I'm a 3rd year nursing student at a university here in Toronto, Canada. I'm interested in living/working in the US. I plan to continue my studies in a graduate program for pediatrics. I was wondering what some of my options are in terms of how I can do this. I understand that each state has different licensing policies and I've begun to look at the few states that I am interested in (New York, California, Florida). Would it be easier for me to complete my Bachelor of Science in Nursing here in Toronto and then apply for a masters program in the states? Or should i begin applying to transfer credits to a university in the states now? This would probably involve taking the SATs as well i assume??? Either way, i'd just like to know what the best path is in order for me to pursure graduate studies and end up working in the US.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance :)

It is difficult to transfer as a nursing student once the nursing classes have begun. So if you do not want to start from Step 1 again, I would recommend completing your Bachelor's degree in Canada, and then look for a job in the States.

The rules on foreign students enrolled in graduate degrees also vary. In many states, you will need to obtain a RN license in that state. In other states (such as my own - Virginia), foreign-trained RNs do not need a Virginia RN license to satisfy the MSN degree/clinical requirements). But they would need a Virginia license if they wanted to work for pay.

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