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Canadian nurses working/commuting to the US


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Hi! I'm an ER nurse working part-time in Canada, but just wasn't getting the hours of work I needed so I applied to a few Michigan hospitals for the heck of it. Today I surprising got not one but two calls for interviews in Michigan ERs! I've never worked in the US however, and was wondering if anyone has advice about things I should mention in the interview. Basically, is there anything Canadian nurses need to do/prepare for preceding the leap across the border for work?

I'm a bit concerned about the international border crossing expenses each day (which will be $10 r/t)...is that something I could negotiate? Do hospitals compensate for extensive commuting?

I would think you would have to do the whole Visa thing, applying for a state nursing lisence, writing the NCLEX-R, submitting all your credentials to CGFNS.

I might be totally wrong, maybe if you just drive across the border the requirements are different, but I don't think so.

I have a friend who lives in Windsor and commutes to Detroit everyday. He has a "fast pass" or something that lets him go through the regular border control. The hospital does not pay for that - but from what he has said it didn't seem like it was too expensive. I think he had to do some background check in order to apply. Good Luck -

What part of canada do you live. I'm very suprise that there still no jobs in canada i thought there is a shortage of nurses. anyway goodluck to you.

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