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Hi! I'm a current RN student from Canada and am looking into getting a visa to work in Australia or New Zealand once I complete my studies. I have a question I was hoping you could help me answer:

Would I be able to register with AHPRA or NCNZ and find a job straight away or do I require a certain amount of work experience before I can apply?


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From what I can see on the NCNZ website, you need to have post-registration experience to be eligible for registration in NZ ( 2 years )

I don't believe you need post-registration experience to register in Australia, however, be aware that the graduate end of the jobs market is currently saturated, with far more graduates than there are entry-level positions. You will also need to look into which visa you are planning on coming over with, for example - A skilled migration visa you need to have experience in a specialised field of nursing to be eligible for a skilled migrant visa.
If you are under 30 then you can come in a working holiday visa, however you can only work for a single employer for 6 months at a time, so typically nurses on a working holiday visa will work agency, and you typically need 2 years of experience to get work with an agency. 

My advice would be, if possible,  to get a couple of years of experience under your belt before looking at migrating

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