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Canadian grad thinking of heading south



I'm from Canada and I'm thinking of heading down to the USA after graduation. I was just wondering if anybody could give me some info on what nursings like down there. It saddens me to say that I spoke to over 30 recruiters from different hospitals in Canada and only 1 could offer me fulltime work. The USA seemed to offer many fulltime positions and from I was told many hospitals have excellent orientation programs especially for new grads. What are the working conditions like, What is the cost of living like? What are the educational opportunities like down there? I would appreciate any information that anyone can offer cause this is a very big choice for me and its rather scary...



I also replied to your other thread in the Canadian nurses forum.

I don't know where you are aiming for as far as location goes. My home is back in Ontario, and I find that only being about an 8 hour drive isn't so bad. Pennsylvania is an endorsement state which means once you have your Canadian nurses license you just have the CNO mail a copy of your license down to the Pa Board of Nursing and they will issue you a license (no nclex, no cgfns) and you can get most of the "pre" paperwork done ahead of time to save on the wait.

If you need any help, or have any questions feel free to email or message me. standalonegrl@yahoo.com

Good luck!

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