Canadian Educated Nurse Applying Via Endorsement to Washington State

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I am a Canadian RN with licenses in AZ and Michigan, applying via endorsement to Washington. I am still awaiting my CGFNS CES report to be sent to the board, but the board requested my transcript and sent me the education verification form to be filled out by my school. My school filled out the form and I had no clinical hours for pediatrics and mental health (I did have didactic hours as well as clinical/sim lab hours), and upon receipt the board denied my education. I'm still hoping the CES report from CGFNS will send in my report and declare equivalency to American nursing education standards, which based on what I've read should not be an issue, but has anyone else missed clinical hours in any of the 6 categories (medical, surgical, pediatrics, maternal child, postpartum newborns, and psych) and still received a license from Washington?



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