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Canadian Citizen: Nursing School in the US

by sugahqbz sugahqbz (New) New

I've recently decided to go back to school and finish nursing. I am a Canadian citizen. I was accepted into the 4-year RN degree program 3 years ago (in Canada), but due to financial reasons, was unable to finish the first year and dropped out. I have been working ever since but am now more than ready to go back to school. I have a couple of questions re-this and would VERY MUCH APPRECIATE ANY INFO/FEEDBACK/COMMENTS.

I have a family member living in Delaware (a LPN), and she advised me to do my schooling there, as it is possible to get my lpn (in one year), then get my ADN ..(shorter time period in US to get licensed?). If I go back to school in Canada, I will have to start from first year and it will take me 4 years by the time I graduate with my BsN. Basically I would like to take the shortest route possible to finishing my education, as I am years behind. Would going to school in the States (particularly in Delware or New Jersey) allow me to do this? Online courses, maybe? Any suggestions on the best way of doing this?

Ultimately, I would like to be able to work both in the US and eventually back home in Canada. Once certified as a nurse in the US, would I need to do additional testing to work in Canada although I am a Canadian citizen already? How long is the process?

How do US "nursing titles" convert to Canadian ones?

i.e. US LPN = Cad RPN ?

US ADN = Cad BsN RN ?

Any feedback/coments on the idea of getting licensed as a US LPN, (one year and maybe work for a bit, save money), then coming back to Canada complete the bridging program (RPN to RN) 2-3 years ?

Is it even worth it to move? Anyone have similar experiences they can provide? Is it easier to be a Canadian RN and work in the US or be a US RN and work in Canada? Are there different application processes such as written examinations?

I realize that my questions are quite scattered, but as you can imagine the nursing education research part can be quite confusing. THANK YOU in advance for taking the time to read and answer.

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You need to make sure that the route you take to be a RN is accepted by the Canadian province college and you will need to sit and pass CRNE. (I think most provinces require a BSN and ADN doesn't meet that requirement)

I am sure I have seen Canadians that trained in the US have no problems but at the end of the day training and transcripts have to meet Canadian requirements.

If you do your training in the US you will more than likely be classed as an International student and the fees are higher. Can you not do the PN training in Canada and then bridge to RN.

Also be aware LPN doesn't meet any US requirements for a job work visa and this includes TN visa

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