Which RPN bridging program is better?

  1. Hi,
    i recently got accepted into the RPN bridging program at both centennial college and George Brown College for the 2 semester program and transfer to either Ryerson or Trent University. I was set on going to centennial because of the location and I noticed the workload at George brown was heavier but I have heard more cons about centennial than about George brown. Anyone who has taken this course, if you could provide some feedback that would be great. I also think both schools are going to have their challenges but I don't want to attend a school if it not a manageable workload.
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  4. by   LisaStone
    Hi!! I'm sorry I can't answer your question but I applied to the GBC bridging for this fall and am still waiting for my results. Are you done the RPN Program or are you still in your fourth semester? What was your GPA?

    Also, where do you live? I heard GBC is mostly online. If you live closer to Cent, and you learn better in an in class environment, then that school may be a better choice. I haven't heard much else unfortunately
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  5. by   kayraeh
    No I graduated my RPN two years ago, I got accepted the 1st of February. I have a 4.0GPA. But I actually live in BC I'm moving out to Ontario, so the location doesn't exactly matter to me!! Best of luck maybe see you this fall!
  6. by   LisaStone
    Thats amazing I have a 3.71. Hoping that's good enough.
  7. by   kayraeh
    That's awesome! Did you apply to any other schools?
  8. by   LisaStone
    I live in Toronto, so I only applied to GBC since it's the only one that's easy to commute to!
  9. by   LisaStone
    I just accepted my offer to GBC bridge fall 2018!