UOIT RPN to RN bridging 2017 Intake

  1. I have gotten offer from UOIT nursing bridging program recently. Wants to know who else got the offer and are going to be the classmates. Facebook group is set up. We can join there and share informations.
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  3. by   channelec
    Anyone else are going to UOIT in September?
  4. by   kc.18
    Hi Cheannelec,

    I'm a current 1st year RPN student, and I'm considering applying to the bridging program at UOIT when I receive my diploma. Do you mind telling me what criteria's you had that made you a successful candidate? I really want to be prepared for when I apply to the bridging program.
    I appreciate any advice!
  5. by   Khow89
    Getting above 80% cumulative average by the end of the RPN program.
  6. by   kc.18
    Thanks for reply, Khow89! May I ask where you did your RPN?
  7. by   Khow89
    I did my RPN at Seneca College
  8. by   danothemano
    If you take there classes that help boost your overall grade up to 12 percent will that help to get into the program, and can anyone take them?
  9. by   danothemano
    My gpa right now is a 2.9 and i was thinking about taking general education courses to help boost my gpa up, since i didnt graduate from the rpn programme yet but was thinking about doing that to give me a chance. Do you think its a good idea?
  10. by   Khow89
    You should probably finish the program first then take uni courses to boost up your gpa.
  11. by   danothemano
    Yeah, my gpa at centennial right now is about a 2.9, but i hear you need like a 82 to get in do you think I would be better to finish and then go to u o i t to upgrade?
  12. by   Khow89
    Yeah, so graduate from RPN first. Then take some courses at UOIT to boost up your gpa.

    I saw from another post that your core nursing courses were relatively low and that you used general courses to boost your gpa. I would advise you to retake those courses as well as patho because those courses probably have a higher weight than other general courses.

    It's great that you want to bridge to an RN but you seem to be struggling in the RPN program. The bridge will not be easier than the RPN program. You will need to do some self-reflection as to where you can improve or if you really want to be a nurse in the future.
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  13. by   nursinglife12345678
    Hey everyone, I am also looking into applying to Ryerson or UOIT for the post diploma program. I just have a general question because I've been doing really well with a 4.0 average in Centennial College and have not failed nor have to retake any courses, and I plan to do the bridging program to get into Ryerson. I have attended another university if the past and completed a different degree different from nursing. However, I did not fair well in one of my courses and had to retake it during my time that at university. I was wondering if this will have an effect on my application to ryerson even though it is not a nursing core subject. I also know that ryerson looks at all your transcripts and it has been outlined on their website that

    Practical Nursing Diploma from a public Ontario College and Ryerson approved bridging program, each with a 3.0/B/70% CGPA or higher and no repeated courses or failures. (Effective fall 2017: The bridging program must be completed within the past five academic years.), and proof of eligibility for registration as a Registered Practical Nurse in Ontario)

    I'm not sure if anyone has had the same issue but thank you in advance!
  14. by   channelec
    Hi nursinglife, from my understanding, universities make the decision mainly based on your performance in RPN nursing program.