University of Calgary Nursing Transfer January 2017 - page 11

I applied to the U of C Winter 2017 program! I took the Athabasca University A/P course and haven't done well in it due to some family health issues that have taken most of my time. It is strange for... Read More

  1. by   RedCoat52
    I also received my green check on thursday! How long did it take for everyones deposit to process?
  2. by   Amigone
    Congrats red! I sent mine the same day via online banking, and it took 2 or 3 days for it to process. It took a whole month to get my registration stuff in the mail.
  3. by   monde
    Congrats jwillis1, nt112, twists, redcoat52 and everyone that just got in. I'm happy the waiting time is over cos waiting was frustrating for me. Twists, you can read previous threads for information on what next. And there's a lot of info on the nursing website under current students - student handbook. Your pack will arrive in the mail and that will be much more helpful and keep you organized. For those still waiting, I really hope you get the good news soon too. Best wishes.
  4. by   ashes12
    Congratulations to everyone who has been admitted so far! Does anyone happen to know how many seats are left right now? I have been having difficulty getting a hold of the nursing undergrad office for the last week. Any info would be helpful. Thanks!
  5. by   RedCoat52
    There's 28 seats left from what I can see! Good-luck!!
  6. by   ashes12
    Thank you RedCoat52! If I don't make it this year, I will have to take some
    courses to raise my GPA for next year. Good luck in the program!
  7. by   RedCoat52
    Anyone from out of town know what you're doing regarding housing? I'm not really sure where to start, so overwhelming!
  8. by   Amigone
    Choose in the northwest or anywhere along the NW or SW ctrain lines. I will have to transit from the SW and it'll take about an hour, but it's one bus and one train. It's a good time, rental prices are coming down!
  9. by   RedCoat52
    I'm also considering living in residence for a semester but I feel like there won't be any 1 bedroom or studios left lol going to have to make some phone calls next week to figure it out
  10. by   nt122
    Congrats to everyone! My deposit took about a day to process. I'm also considering residence as well, since I am out of province. I'm in the same boat is redcoat52, I hope there are some studio/1bdrm apts available!
  11. by   rkpater
    Graduate student residence might be an option for you guys! Its a brand new building and last year didn't fill up. On campus, clean, quiet. Then you can gain an idea of Calgary and where you want to live.

    Try to live along the NW LRT line (Tuscany, Ranchlands, Dalhousie, Varsity Brentwood, Kensington/Sunnyside) if you can! Cheaper rent the further you go along the line (so Tuscany would be the cheapest). But, the rental market is down in Calgary, so you will likely be getting a good deal.
  12. by   jwillis1
    I've applied for student residence. Is anyone else applying for a professional student line of credit to supplement government loans?
  13. by   Amigone
    jwillis1 - I'm not sure if I will need more money these few semesters, but I'm curious about the loan for terms 5 and 6 when I've heard things get intense, and I may not be able to work part time. Is it a bank loan?