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Hi everyone! So it's official I am starting the Pre-Health sciences with the intention of going to the RPN program next year. Just have some questions to people who have attended this course. ... Read More

  1. by   AshuM.
    Quote from CFG77
    Hi AshuM,

    Thanks for the quick reply, just some clarification please if you don't mind, the block/sections is what is confusing us right now, do you mean by the block that it is a set timetable determined for you? Or by section we will have to choose each individual classes time slot?

    Thanks again
    You're welcome. yes the block/section its basically the timetable, when your registration window is open on July 22nd you will see different blocks may be up to 10 with the courses for that semester plus each block has different times but courses are same. For example lets say you're supposed to take 6 courses for semester 1, block #1 will have those 6 courses with a class time schedule for those courses and therefore that will be section 1, block #2 same courses but different class time schedule and so on up to block #10, just same courses but different times. I think the reason why they put few blocks for students there to choose its because they all have different times so one can choose what works for them. Therefore for you and your gf to be in the same section you guys will have to choose the same block and you will have same class schedules
  2. by   CFG77
    Hey AshuM,

    Thanks again! I get it now. I'll let you know what happens! Good luck registering for yours too!
  3. by   AshuM.
    Quote from CFG77
    Hey AshuM,

    Thanks again! I get it now. I'll let you know what happens! Good luck registering for yours too!
    Hi CFG77, You're welcome, Yes let me know how it goes. I hope i didn't confuse you that much with registration. They might not have 10 blocks, it depends how much student they're taking, If i remember well i think last year when I started PHS in January i think there was 5-6 blocks. Just log in a head of time before PHS registration window is open and try to stay active that way stuview doesn't log you out

    Thanks, I wish you both all the best with registering. I'm going to log in at least 20 mins before the registration window is open.

    I'm not sure if you have checked this link out it has the time for registration for the programs.
    Registration Priority Group Control