Mohawk College Practical Nursing January 2018

  1. Hello,

    I am just wondering if anyone has received admission into Mohawk College's RPN nursing program, for the January 2018 start? If so, when did you hear back from the school, and what were your grades and HOAE test scores?

    Thank you,
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  3. by   dprescott
    Hi Amy!

    I haven't heard anything from them yet but I just took HOAE last week Tuesday and still waiting for results. How about you? When did you take HOAE?
  4. by   happyeveryday19
    Hello dprescott!

    I took the HOAE test Wednesday, June 28th, so around the same time as you. I am still awaiting the results of the test... anxiously ahah!
  5. by   dprescott
    I knowwww! It's so nerve racking! May I know your average?
  6. by   happyeveryday19
    I have an 85%. I took all pre-university courses in highschool. I wish I could have taken pre-college as I would probably be at a higher average. How about you? My friend got in for the January start last year with an 80% average and a decent HOAE score, she received admission at the beginning of October. I am sure the admission standard average may fluctuate from year to year as nursing is getting more competitive, but I am assuming that the averages will be relatively similar for this round.
  7. by   dprescott
    Wow! I think your grades are amazing considering you took University courses as well. I think you won't have problems getting in. If you read all threads about people being accepted before they have similar grades on what you have or lower or like a decent 80 like your friend. Mine is same as your friend actually, pretty much all 80%. I can't wait to hear the HOAE results! I checked the Mohawk portal and it's still not updated

    Have you heard anything from them yet?
  8. by   happyeveryday19
    Thank you so much, I have been so stressed because I am in the process of doing a health science degree, so I am taking spring and summer courses to be able to finish it by December. I am almost certain you will get in soon, and hopefully the HOAE scores can be posted soon, I haven't received mine either.

    Do you mind me asking your age? I will be 20 when I start to program and I am worried that I will be way older than the others ahah.
  9. by   dprescott
    Don't worry so much! I really think you'll get in. Did you just apply to one school? Or do you have other options and back up plans? Btw I called Mohawk this afternoon and they said that, results should be up on this coming Thursday.

    Ohhh lol I'm turning 26. I'm old. You are very young lol. I've read from old threads that classes in this program are half straight from HS and half matured students
  10. by   happyeveryday19
    I applied to 3 others in southern Ontario, so that would be my back up plan! Okay great, that is nice of you to let me know

    Oh okay, sounds good, I am glad I won't be the only one in my 20's. Do you know when admissions will be released? I heard something about earlier August which seems somewhat accurate, but I am not sure.
  11. by   happyeveryday19
    Hey girl! I just checked my ontariocolleges account and found my HOAE scores! Maybe yours are up too
  12. by   Canadianmamma
    Conestoga and sheridan have sent offers out already. Seems mohawk is taking their time. I applied for sept 2017 was waitlisted. My average was 80's. Was accepted to conestoga for jan but i really want mohawk since it is close. Good luck to everyone
  13. by   happyeveryday19
    Yeah Mohawk and McMaster are always the last schools to send out their admission offers. I went to McMaster and had early admission, which wasn't released until March for a September entry when I was in my undergrad.

    My friend received admission into the program two years ago with an 80% average... so I am sure you will too! Do you mind me asking your HOAE test scores? My friend had a 67% I believe, something real close to 70% with no failed categories.

    Best of luck to you too!
  14. by   kmac98
    Does anyone know when acceptances will start being sent out for January 2018? I'm hoping I'll get in but if not I'm going to do some highschool upgrading.