Langara Fall 2018 Intake - page 2

Hey guys, I'm applying to Langara for the fall 2018 intake. Just wondering if there's anyone else on here that's applying too?... Read More

  1. by   Kristine123
    Man! Ya it doesn't show up in the BC transfer guide. It transfers to UBC and SFU and DOUGLAS and TRU, I wonder why it wouldn't transfer that course is hard as **** lol
  2. by   wcee
    Hi guys!

    I'm applying with a 3.79 GPA without a degree. Is anyone else applying for the fall intake?
  3. by   berrybee
    Hi! I'm also applying for the fall 2018 intake with a 3.8 GPA and no other degree.
  4. by   Kristine123
    I am applying for sept 2018 with GPA 3.068, does anyone know how they round it? Would my GPA be 3.07? or 3.1? Sounds like my GPA is not high enough from reading other forums
  5. by   Eseohi
    I'm applying with a GPA of 3.08... pray for me
  6. by   Eseohi
    we're pretty much in the same boat so fingers crossed
  7. by   Kristine123
    Yes! fingers crossed!!
  8. by   peachykeenbean
    I'm applying with a 3.53. Best of luck to everyone!
  9. by   nursepotato
    Apparently, they don't look at your GPA anymore? Can someone clarify this for me? I heard that Langara looks at the grades you receive in the 5 pre-requisite courses because a lot of people apply who end up taking booster classes such as easy courses to boost their GPA but not necessarily having high grades in the pre-requisite courses. I'm not sure though but I would like to know as well.
  10. by   nursepotato
    Also, when do the results usually come in? If you got accepted or not
  11. by   nursepotato
    and what did you guys get in your 5 courses?
  12. by   Kristine123
    Langara looks only at the GPA of the 5 pre-req courses and also if you have a bachelors degree
  13. by   HeyItsIan14
    I've applied with a 3.33. May the odds be ever in our favor