Jan 2018 RPN Offers

  1. What schools have sent offers out for RPN Jan 2018 start date?
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  3. by   Sun-shining
    Hey! From what I've heard Centennial and Sheridan have been sending out offers for Jan 2018. Have you heard of any admissions going out for any other schools yet? Where did you apply?
  4. by   RPN2bPaige
    I haven't heard of any as of yet but I've applied to Mohawk, Conestoga & Niagara.
    The waiting game continues...
  5. by   RPN_hopeful2018
    I applied to Mohawk too! I also applied to GBC and Fleming, both for Spring entry. I've already received acceptance at Fleming for May. Sort of hoping for either of the other two though because they're closer to home. The letter from GBC said they won't be reviewing applications until Sep and no offers until Oct (but again, that is for Spring entry). I guess every institution has its own timeline.

    Kind of exciting though to get at least one offer so early - means I'll definitely be going somewhere!!
  6. by   RPN2bPaige
    I've heard a couple different dates for Mohawk but Ocas still says "open" where other schools say "waitlisted" or "closed". I'm hoping that means they're working on sending out offers shortly.
  7. by   bb12344
    I've received January 2018 rpn offers from centennial, Seneca and conestoga .. hoping to hear from mohawk within the next couple weeks !
  8. by   Mirmir0415
    Hey bb12344 I was wondering how long after you wrote the HOAE did you get an offer from Conestoga? I wrote mine on Monday but I was just wondering when you received yours, as well as how you did on the test, if you don't mind me asking? I got a 78% on the HOAE and have a 91 average from high school, are my marks fairly close to yours?? Thanks so much for answering my questions
  9. by   bb12344
    Hey Mirmir0415, I wrote my HOAE test in late June and got my offer late July. did you apply after the June 1st deadline??
    And I actually got a 70% on my HOAE so I think you'll definitely get in, you did super well !!
  10. by   RPN2bPaige
    I wrote June 26th. I my hoae was about 77 and I have post secondary classes with decent grades. Also been accepted into the program previously for fall intake. I haven't gotten a response yet on Ocas yet either. I called the school on 2 different occasions and received different answers about offers for Jan. First time I called they said week of Aug 1st to start offers. Second time I called (yesterday) they said they are sending offers out late this week and into next. Who knows what's going on. I've seen people saying "I got an offer for Jan beginning of July". All I know is I haven't as of yet! I know it can be nerve wracking waiting for a response but have faith I'm sure we'll all hear something soon!
  11. by   Mirmir0415
    Thanks so much for answering my questions!! I was accepted last fall and decided to stay at McMaster for a program I was already in. This year I emailed a lady from Conestoga that I was talking to before, and she said that they pushed the deadline back a few days from June 1st and that she recommended I apply. Also l, Hey RPN2bpaige thanks so much for letting me know what the school said . Fingers crossed everyone hears soon!
  12. by   Mirmir0415
    I received my acceptance today from Conestoga!!
  13. by   bb12344
    anyone heard From Mohawk yet??
  14. by   RPN2bPaige