How can I be a nurse for older people, but I do not have a degree in nursing

  1. Hello, my name is chikky, and I am 35yrs, an immigrant from nigeria,I just wanted to know what it takes to aquire to be a nurse, to care for the elderly people, but i have no degree or experience on being a nurse. So I just want an advice on how to go about it, thanks
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  3. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    To be a registered nurse requires a 4 year university degree in nursing science. To be a licensed practical nurse requires a 2 year college diploma. To be a health care aide requires a multi-week training program. So you have to first decide which level of care you want to provide. Then you have to contact the educational institution which provides the necessary training to find out what the prerequisites for their program are and ensure that you meet those prerequisites. Then you apply to the school and await acceptance. Once you've successfully completed the necessary education, you would then write the national registration exam and obtain a permit to practice. If you choose the health care aide route, the education is shorter and there is no national exam at the end.