HOAE exam for Practical Nursing (2017)

  1. Hey guys, I just received my HOAE test result today and have applied in Conestoga and mohawk for practical nursing (sept 2017). I don't know how to calculate my final mark ( HOAE + highschool GPA) to get a sense of where I'm standing. Also, it says in Conestoga college that every university level course taken in high school will receive 10 points each, and all of my courses taken in high school are U level, so how does that work? 10 points= 10 marks for each course?

    thank you, btw my HOAE result was no good
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  3. by   TheCommuter
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  4. by   antoe
    I also did the HOAE and applied to Mohawk and Niagara....There is no way to calculate your score. It is done by the college using a computer program.
  5. by   Taniatar
    Hi, I did my HOAE exam a couple of weeks ago and just got the results. I applied to the Mohawk McMaster coarse. I am 34 years old and my average right now is above 90% but I'm still working on my Biology and Functions. I'm also applying to some other coarses at McMaster and did the Casper test for my application to BsCN. My results are as follows, and I haven't gotten the "normalized" results yet.

    Tests Raw Scores (RS) Percentile (PR)
    VERBAL 22

    i'm not sure how I stand.. I guess I'll find out when I get in or not, but if anyone could let me know how they think my marks stand, I would really appreciate it.

  6. by   antoe
    Your marks look close to mine
    21 verbal
    17 non verbal
    49 science
    52 academic
    14 math
    86 vocation but they don't use this
    27 reading
    35 spelling
    My hs average is 93.5 percent
    I thought hs final grades had to be in no later than Feb 14 for consideration or they will use what you have for..another course
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  7. by   antoe
    What was your hoae results
  8. by   Nandni
    Hi guys i just wana know what is arithmetic verbal and non verbal plus accademic apptitude is
    What kind of questions appear in these section i know natural science is bio chem n phy
    Just concern i have my test next week
  9. by   antoe
    Math is word problems verbal.is word association nonverbal is spatial reasoning
  10. by   Nandni
    Thnk u antoe
  11. by   screenshot
    hey, i did my test in conestoga and they already give my overall percentage! i only have 5 sections instead of 8 sections. Also the courses you took in highschool were they C or U level?
  12. by   antoe
    You only have 5 because they put the academic as 1--which is made up of 75 questions in math spatial reasoning and verbal--I did c and u also have a college diploma and university--the percentages don't mean much it gives you an idea of how you did but the college takes those scores plugs them into a computer along with your grades to give an overall score
    example my Gr 11 math mark is 100 percent it was C level so according to their system they gave me 110 points
    my bio was 98 so they added 10 points and my score was 108.
    the hoae is done differently there is no way for us to calculate it.
    How did you do screenshot?
  13. by   screenshot
    Hey Antoe, my overall percentage from the HOAE was 55% and that is why I'm freaking out!
  14. by   antoe
    What's your hs average what were the hoae marks in each category