George Brown College PN Program

  1. Hi, I'm starting the PN Program at George Brown College this coming September 2012. For those who finished their nursing program in GB, how was your experienced in terms of the difficulties regarding their theories and clinical? Thanks
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  3. by   BosRMT
    I know someone in the program, and she said it's been extremely rough! Good luck
  4. by   Fyreflie
    I started my BScN there and loved it! But even at that level (brand new) they worked us hard--I would go in prepared!
  5. by   newnursejoan
    Although I did not complete a PN program, I did complete the collaborative RN program at Ryerson, George Brown, Centennial College. I have heard lots of good things about their clinical components. Just remember to be on top of your pathophysiology, nursing practice skills, and knowledge pertaining to medication administration. You will doing this will really help you feel more successful in the clinical setting. Be prepared, but I'm sure the instructors will pump this ideology into you once the program starts.
  6. by   katrinas4619
    I am a new GBC grad in the PN program, in fact our ceremony is on June 14th. Overall I did not find the program to be hard at all. As long as you keep up with your readings and clinical prep work ( medication cards, modules) you'll do fine. The hardest courses were the sciences; anatomy and physiology and pathology, but even they weren't overly difficult as long as you keep up with the work. Good luck
  7. by   tayldebra
    does anyone no what to expect on the entrance exam for PN george brown college in the Math and bio section.

  8. by   poko
    Tayldebra- I dont believe GB has an entrance exam for PN, unless that has changed for the future applications. I applied for Jan 2013 and did not have to write a HOAE or any other entrance test.
  9. by   loriangel14
    My daughter is starting their PN program in Janaury and there has been no test.
  10. by   RuffaG
    Thanks for the comments. I just recently finished semester 1 of the PN program. To tell you the truth, it is not easy. Although my marks are above average, I made a lot of sacrificed just to complete semester 1. What makes the program quiet challenging are the number of subjects per semester. In semester 1, some students were taking 9 different subjects to meet the requirements. For me, it’s manageable, but the A marks that I used to have in other college program is almost close to impossible to accomplish in PN program. I found out that some instructors were not very forgiving when it comes to marking research papers. Nevertheless, I felt that I learned a lot from the previous semester, and I am looking forward for this next semester. I heard that semester 2 could be the most challenging among the rest. For some reason, I heard that Pathophysiology in particular is where most students have difficulties in 2nd semester.