George Brown college Academic pathway for IEN

  1. Hi All,
    Anyone who is Internationally educated Nurse applied with George brown. I need to know what has to be included in the CV for the application. Kindly reply
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  3. by   dishes
    Your previous education and work experience need to be included. Do you have a resume? Does it include your nursing education and nursing work experience? If so, use it for your resume/CV application.
  4. by   Silverstag
    Hi thank you for the reply. I am little doubtful about the education part. I did 4 years of Bsc Nursing. What else do I include in that ?
  5. by   dishes
    If your education was assessed by nnas and the CNO has given you a letter of direction advising you to do an IEN program, then list the name and location of the school, the type of program (4 year BScN), the dates you attended.

    If you completed some type of formal post BScN nursing education such as a specialty certificate course, list that as well, use the same format as above.
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  6. by   Silverstag
    Hi, Has anyone completed this academic pathway for IEN?? Did CNO accept? The clinical experience is arranged by George brown?
  7. by   dishes
    Yes other IENs have completed the program and yes the clinical is arranged by George Brown. Did you receive a letter of direction from CNO? If so, what type of education did they say you require?
  8. by   Silverstag
    Yes I had received letter of direction from CNO. I need 400 hrs of clinical. And there were few topics they had mentioned that needed to be completed.
  9. by   dishes
    Suggest you contact the coordinator for the academic pathway program and ask if the program will meet the CNO requirements listed in your letter of direction. Maybe read the letter to the coordinator (if you're contacting by phone) or scan it (if you're contacting them by email). Sometimes the CNO specifies the courses have to be at the university level, but George Brown is a college, find out which level the academic pathway courses are at (college or university). Also inquire what the total clinical hours are for the program and if are they RN clinical placements.
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  10. by   Silverstag
    Hi dishes, Thank you will follow that. I am also preparing to take CPRNE this Jan- Feb 2018. Do you have any study materials? If possible I could do with a little help. My mail ID
  11. by   dishes
    I don't have any study materials, just to let you know most locally educated practical nurses use the CPNRE prep guide, as well as the online predictor tests you can find information about these study materials on assessment strategies inc Also, you may be able to find a used prep guide for sale on kijiji or you may be able to borrow a copy from the Toronto public library.
  12. by   dishes
    silverstag, I don't know if you are aware but is an organization that provides advice and resources to iens, suggest you check their website for the types of services they offer (some may be helpful to you) also check if they are holding an information session near to you.
  13. by   madricka
    The IEN program at George Brown will satisfy the requirements listed by the CNO in your letter of direction. You should look at the George Brown website, I believe there is an application for you to complete and send in to George Brown. The program coordinator will send you an acceptance letter with the list of courses & clinical you are required to complete. The program can be done online and most of the courses are also offered in-class if you prefer to attend classes in person. They are offered in the evenings during 3 semesters (fall, winter, and spring). The clinical is arranged by George Brown with instructors supervising you (there are also assignments), you do the clinical only after you have successfully completed all the required courses. You can take one at a time or several.

    I am doing the Reinstatement to Nursing Practice program (I am a Canadian RN who was away from work for 3 years) -- but I am in all the same classes as the IEN's at George Brown. Let me know if you have any questions about the program!
  14. by   Silverstag
    Hi, Thank you so much for the detailed update. Will let you know how it goes Thank you