Fall 2018 Centennial/Ryerson RPN to RN Bridging

  1. Hi guys! I was accepted into the Centennial/Ryerson RPN to RN bridging full time for this fall and I have a couple questions!

    1. Which hospitals/areas are clinical placements held?
    2. Are there clinical placements outside of the GTA? Any near Hamilton or Halton?
    3. How do community placements work? Is there a central office that you would meet your preceptor at and then ride along in his/her car from patient to patient?
    4. Anyone have a sample of the schedule? What time do classes usually start and finish at?

    thanks so much!!
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  3. by   iveys
    Hey, I have a question: are you already licensed as an RPN? I applied as well but I'm still waiting to hear back. Sorry I can't be of much help but I did hear that for 1st semester placements you're in a group and for second you're alone. There was a user on here who did the bridging at Centennial/Ryerson and she was at Western during 1st sem and a local clinic for 2nd sem. I think it's your responsibility to get to and from placement just like placements in the RPN program. Congratulations on the offer!
  4. by   Kayelle_
    Hi iveys! I am already a licensed RPN, so that's probaby why I heard back fairly quickly. Are you applying to the full time fall program? Hope you get it, maybe we'll see each other there!

    Thanks so much for all the info! I figured getting to and from placement is my responsibility, but wasn't sure about following a community nurse that does home visits.

    From reading more stuff online, seems like classes start at 0830am and finish sometime between 1530 and 1830 depending on the class.
  5. by   Lindy223
    Hi! I have yet to write the CPNRE and am in my final semester at Algonquin College. I received my acceptance for fall 2018 on February 1st. My gpa was 3.8.
    Do you know when we need to put a deposit down to save our seat in the program? I can't find anything about paying or registering for fall 2018 on Mycentennial.
  6. by   Kayelle_
    Lindy, due date for deposit is June 15, 2018 for fall semester
  7. by   simmyd97
    This doesn't really answer to question but I'm also an RPN and I wanna do the bridging program. I was wondering what your average was with which you got accepted. I have a 75 average I don't know if that's too low