Douglas college Fall 2018

  1. Who applied for Fall 2018 and when did you finish your pre requisites? My account is still not even showing my pre-reqs which were all done at Douglas.

    I probably wont get in because I only finished in Summer 2017 so the chances are really low, but I do have an excellent GPA.

    Anyone have any idea when we might hear something?
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  3. by   Love2bug
    Ive applied for Fall. 3.64 GPA, pre reqs done Winter 2017. Ive just dropped m'y Winter 2018 psych nurse seat, and a Winter 2017 langara bsn seat in hopes To be acceptéd To Douglas RN...

    When did everyone finish their académic fondations?
  4. by   PursuingHappiness
    Hi everyone,

    I just received my acceptance email today! My GPA is 3.2 and I finished my pre-reqs Summer 2016. I will be attending Fall 2018 semester. I have kept in contact with the admissions officer throughout my application process. In her words, students usually wait at least 2 years after finishing their pre-reqs before entering into the program. For Fall 2018 they are accepting Fall 2016 applicants and students that finished before that semester. It's a journey, but be prepared to wait.

    Good luck to all candidates!
  5. by   PCMamanurse
    Bummer. I just got an email saying the program is full. I knew it was likely but I was hoping anyways. I have a 3.96 gpa. I'll probably apply for bcit since they go by gpa.
  6. by   PursuingHappiness
    Definitely try BCIT, it is a lot more competitive. The competitive advantages are: People with degrees, people with experience in the medical field (volunteer or work), people with high GPA. A combination of experience + GPA greatly increases your chances getting into BCIT. Because BCIT is a condensed program, they do consider applicants with degrees first. Their admissions officers respond within 48 hours, so I would message one of them for more information. Their pre-reqs a little different, I believe they require chemistry 11. It's been a while since i've taken a look at the BCIT nursing page.

    Langara nursing is also a really good choice for you. They have very similar pre-reqs to Douglas, and they consider GPA first. In my research, someone with your GPA has a higher chance of getting into Langara than BCIT. Solely because BCIT considers so many other things.

    Kwantlen is also a good school to look into. However, I don't know enough about that program to comment on it.

    If at any point you would like more information on any of these programs let me know! I have friends in all 3 programs and I can give you more information on the process and the wait times.

    Getting into nursing is the hardest part, but you seem very passionate and determined. Just don't lose the motivation a long the way. I have been rejected many times and spent a lot of money on the application fees. None of this stopped me from applying every time the application opened. This year my calendar was filled with just application dates at different schools.
  7. by   PCMamanurse
    Yeah I could have applied you Langara but I don't really want to go there to be honest.

    I also work at bc women's and children's hospital right now which I think would boost my chances with bcit. You are right though, they do require Chem 11 which I don't have and will have to take.

    Kwantlen has their own pre-requisite program which is totally different then any other school so that is definitely out.
  8. by   Ckec
    Congratulations PursuingHappiness !
    I just received my acceptance lettre few weeks ago as well. I finished my pre-req's back in 2016.
  9. by   Kristinashelswell12
    Hello Im new here, I wanted to know the admission requirements for

    I have completed ENG 105, Soc 101, Stats 104, and Psych 101 with UFV
    Highschool grades are...

    English 12 = A, Bio 12 = A, Foundations of Math = A, Chem 11 = B
    I have 100 volunteer hours at the hospital, completed frist aid CPR cert, criminal record check.. please help! 
  10. by   Love2bug
    I know it's been a while, but have you applied anywhere Kristina?