Centennial/Ryerson BScN, International Students

  1. Hey nurses,

    I would like to know anyone here is applying for the BScN program (centennial/Ryerson) Sept 2018?

    Is this program available for international students?

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  3. by   bluestar776
    Hi, you should check the website to get information on the program. It seems very competitive there are less competitive colleges in Ontario to apply for your BScN as well.

    "Domestic Fees Range: $7,478 - $8,054
    International Fees Range: $24,731 - $24,763

    The following are general admission requirements and are subject to change.

    Applicants educated outside of Ontario must submit evidence of education equivalent to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with six Grade 12 U or M courses. Please note: Ryerson reserves the right to be the final arbiter of what will be accepted on an equivalency basis.

    It is essential that subject prerequisite requirements and grades for specific Ryerson programs form part of the academic background of applicants from outside Ontario, especially in the last two years of secondary school studies.

    Programs may specify non-academic requirements for admission (e.g. portfolio, admission essay, interview, audition, etc.). These programs are referred to as Grades-Plus programs. The specific non-academic requirements for individual Grades-Plus programs, including specific submission dates and procedures, are available by visiting each Program page. Note: for Grades-Plus programs, both academic and non-academic criteria will be used in the admission selection process.

    Proof of English Language Proficiency may be required. Visit English Language Requirements for details.

    Admission requirements vary by undergraduate program. Applicants who have completed any post-secondary studies should also visit University/College Transfer Students. Please see the applicable documents below to determine your academic admission requirements (subject to change):"
  4. by   BoscoAtMac
    Thank you for your response.

    Any other college you may recommend? for BScN.
  5. by   bluestar776
    Georgian , Fanshawe, St. Clair College. (I'm not sure which colleges accept international students tho)

    Georgian Owen Sound campus you might have an easier time getting into.