Centennial College Flex Rpn Fall 2018

  1. Hi! I have been offered to go to flex Rpn 2018 Fall in centennial college? Is there anybody else who is going to the same program in 2018?
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  3. by   RPN_student
    Centennial is known to have one of the best nursing programs around so you should be proud that you were accepted.

    Work hard and you can do it.
  4. by   Dangsa
    Hi, sorry to bother you but what was your average in bio, chem, math and english in high school and were they college or uni classes.
  5. by   Pooja_90
    Actually, I did my graduation from outside Canada and here I did Academic upgrading and my scores ware all in 90s in all three subjects.
  6. by   Pooja_90
    Thank you for your encouragement.
  7. by   suits 2 scrubs
    Hi, I got accepted into the flex program for fall 2018 and confirmed it last month. I am also very excited to start!! =)

  8. by   Pooja_90
    Actually, I confirmed it yesterday, I had another offer too, but this suits me best as I need to work. Congratulations to you Suits2Scrubs. I am excited about the program too.
  9. by   RPN_student
    Yes you can work while in the flex at Centennial.
  10. by   jaguire
    Hi I noticed on the Algonquin Pembroke /University of Ottawa website still is open for spots for BSCN and RPN nursing. If you are from Gta area where nursing is so competitive and not been accepted anywhere yet,you should apply to this one as you can be eligible with a 75% average.It does not matter which school you get your degree or diploma at, since everyone writes the same NCLEX test in the end to become a nurse and no one actually cares which school you attended. If you have been accepted to pre- health programs in other university/college programs because you did not meet the 90% average mostly required in the gta area, you should apply here and get started on your nursing career right away.
  11. by   Wannabe_Nurse_
    Congrats on the acceptances to Centennial, it is a great program! If any of you want to buy any of your textbooks in advance, I have the online code that you will need for an online component for anatomy and phyisology. It comes with the etext as well!
  12. by   oneday_rn
    Hey congrats! If you have fb, join the centennial college RPN group. People not only sell textbooks but also post free PDFs. Good luck!
  13. by   Pooja_90
    How are you Wannabe_Nurse? How did you get the online code. Can I get it too?

    Did you receive the fee statement as well as skill assessment for centennial college? I have to call them yet to find out. Besides, will we be needing lockers too?
  14. by   Wannabe_Nurse_
    Oh, @Pooja_90 I'm currently in my third semester of the rpn flex program, I started September 2017. For the skills assessment though, you'll just need to do the english assessment in order to find out if you need to take Comm 170 or Comm 160 (the english courses). For first semester you do not need a locker since you do not have clinical (only anatomy, ppg, Comm and GNED), but you will need it during second semester.
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