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Hello everyone,I wanted to start this forum because I'm getting nervouse about my application to the BSN program at Bcit. I appled for this August (2012) and I am still awaiting a reply. Has anyone... Read More

  1. by   smiley65
    It is pretty confusing for the first couple of weeks for sure. SIM lab is meant to be more of a "realistic" experience because the dolls are more advanced, and no there are not extra hours to work in the SIM lab as the dolls require qualified instructors to work them. The skills you are learning in 1020 and in the SIM lab are the same, so you can practice those skills during open lab times in your 1020 classroom.....just show up with a partner and sign in (always look professional in lab, scrub top, hair tied back etc)... In fact in level 1 you are REQUIRED to practice and record 3 extra hours of practice in the lab. You will go into the SIM lab a few times over level 1, and it is meant to keep you on your toes. As far as figuring out what classes are for....well I'll try

    1019- this is your assessment class and the purpose of it is to give a bit of knowledge so that you can be safe in your clinical setting. This is kind of a crash course on vitals, head to toe assessments, and basic patho. You are given the case study "rose" which you will work with for the next 6 weeks. After week 6, no more 1019...but you will then have 2 clinical days....and pharmacology will also start online..

    1020- this is your skills lab where you are going to learn how to do all the stuff that Nurses do. Essentially the SIM lab is a component of 1020, and you will get scheduled SIM lab experiences during your scheduled 1020 class time. Do your best to be prepared by doing the readings and watching the videos, you will get more out of class time and do better in the clinical setting. Your first day in the hospital is next week and after that, the routine of things should start to settle in.

    hope this helps a little. Any more questions, feel free
  2. by   rsohi
    Awesome! Thanks so much smiley65

    Last question I promise. =) Do we get a spring break in February/March?
  3. by   sandy28
    Smiley65, any advice for our first day of clinical!? What was your first day like?
  4. by   smiley65
    rsohi..I think I remember a week in march, but don't quote me on that. Any one of your teachers will know for sure. Sandy28-my advice is to just relax. Try to see your patient as a good friend or family member. Often as student nurses, we feel overwhelmed, nervous, pressured to do things right....but try to remember that it's not about you, it's about the patient. If you can shift your focus to them, you might find that some of those nervous feelings fade away, and also that you develop a deeper connection with your pt. for our first day, we got paired up with another student and were asked to go in to introduce ourselves, do a safety check and take a history...you will be great. No one expects you to be perfect, make sure you do your safety checks!