Athabasca NP Fall 2018?

  1. Hello,

    I just submitted my application to Athabasca for the NP program to start in Fall 2018. I was just wondering if anyone will start there soon, is in the program, has done the program, etc?

    What do you think of it? Why did you choose AU? Just hoping to meet some other NP hopefuls!

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  3. by   EmilyCRU
    I am not doing the NP portion but have recent been offered admission to the MN program at Athabasca for the thesis stream, to start in september. I chose the program because of its flexibility- I am looking forward to continuing my education without needing to relocate or leave my full time position. I'm going to do it one course at a time for now.

    I know numerous people who have graduated the program- one just started as a professor at my local school of nursing. So the degree is certainly well regarded in that respect. Let me know if you are accepted- good luck!