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  1. Hey everyone
    I'm looking to apply to Seneca RPN program however I have to upgrade( I do have a highschool diploma college diploma and degree but none of my courses can be applied). Any recommendations ? Is pre health worth it? I've looked into adult schools but they are self taught and seem like a longer process.
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  3. by   bluestar776
    Most colleges have a program called ACE. It's free and you can upgrade at your local college I would call or email the college to get more info.
  4. by   RPN_student
    Can I ask why do you want to apply only to Seneca? Seneca's nursing program is not that great why would you not consider any college that would accept you after you have done your upgrading?
  5. by   RPN_student
    Can I ask why do you want to apply only to Seneca? Seneca's part time nursing program is garbage and you should aim to apply to any college that would accept you no only Seneca.
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  6. by   Tee052
    I work full time and it's the only problem that has such a flexible schedule. Georgian has a part time course but it's not as accommodating as Senecas part time.
  7. by   bluestar776
    I took both pre-health and ACE the free upgrading program at thE local college here. I found in ACE the teachers werE very helpful and accommodating it was very similar to pre-health. In pre-health you have lectures but I found for the chemistry and some of the math some of it was self taught in the sense that you had to go over the homework and sometimes relearn it at home but it is high school level and completely doable
  8. by   Tee052
    Good to know.. thank you !
  9. by   RPN_student
    Seneca's program has a LOT of problems and they are trying to change it. and I would not only focus on one school only.
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  10. by   Wannabe_Nurse_
    @Tee502 If you are looking for programs that accommodate your work schedule, Centennial's part-time program works well with most people's work schedules. The only downside to the program though would be that you have class during the summers, but you still finish within the 2 year timeframe.
  11. by   bluestar776
    Did you end up choosing an upgrading route?