How did I prepare for the CRNE

  1. I have to say this is not a straight-forward exam that you can just study the prep book.

    You need to

    1) ALWAYS Remember the basic skills (Airway, Breathing, Circulation).

    2) understand and know how to apply all the competencies.

    ie, practices in a manner consistent with the values in the Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses (2008) (e.g., providing safe, compassionate, competent and ethical care; promoting health and well-being; promoting and respecting informed decision-making; preserving dignity; maintaining privacy and confidentiality; promoting justice; being accountable). (CNA, 2008)

    3) each exam has different focus or ask one area of nursing more than others. Important to study maternity and child areas even though majorities of the competencies are focus in adult areas.

    4) some writers may have years of experience prior to write this exam. It's important to remember the exam environment is a prefect world, DO NOT use your reality experience to apply to the question. Think yourself as a fresh New-grad.

    5) Practice is the key. I used the following books to study

    Canadian Registered Nurse Exam Prep Guide, 5th Edition

    Mosby's Comprehensive Review for the Canadian RN Exam

    Lippincott's CRNE Prep Guide

    Mosby's Prep Guide for the Canadian RN Exam: Practice Questions for Exam Success

    Last but not least, I purchased the online Readness Test ( I believe it's around 100 Questions).

    Overall, I would say time yourself when you doing practice questions. I found it works effective is finishing one question and check the answer right the way, and read the rational and understand it completely. Ask yourself why you did wrong, and you need to think the way how the answer is generated .

    The Feb 2011 exam is consists of 4 hours and 200 questions. The questions does become more complicated and tricky/ confused. Therefore, make sure you use your time wisely and understand what the question is asking and trying to figure out which category it belongs. ie, is it a nurse-patient relationship, professional practice , etc. Then, you will able to have a better idea when reading the answers.

    I got my result a few days ago, and I finally got time to summarize some tips/thoughts that worked for myself.

    Everyone has different ways to study. I also studies few sessions in a small group and speak out to the other person and see if one understand my concept. This way, you remember your materials better than study alone or by just reading the book.

    Remember the exam is not just testing your knowledge but how well you apply it to the questions. Use critical thinking is the KEY.

    I don't believe I disclose any information on exam, the above info is only for writers who want some tips or what worked for individuals.

    Good luck everyone !
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  3. by   joanna73
    I wrote the October exam. All of the things you mentioned work, and I have given these tips as well. Congratulations
  4. by   Samra
    I will try to follow this ,............ thanks
  5. by   mayouchka
    hii i need help with my nursing exam i dont know what to do
  6. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Quote from mayouchka
    hii i need help with my nursing exam i dont know what to do
    If you're writing on February 1, it's far too late to be just starting to prepare. If you're not writing til June then you should be okay. Start by reading the CRNE preparation threads here because they literally cover every facet of preparing for the exam. Then find a copy of the CNA prep guide. Work through the prep guide and review your fundamentals of nursing. Don't wait!
  7. by   mayouchka
    i ll do it in june i appreciate your help

    and sorry for asking which thread is better to read thanks for help
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  8. by   newnursejoan
    all very good tips in preparing for the examination!!!!
  9. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    mayouchka, just scroll up to the top of the screen and look for the search bar at the upper right corner. Type "CRNE" into the box, hit the search button and then start reading the threads that come up. I'd recommend starting with the thread that has the most posts.
  10. by   parm2012
    hi i am preparing crne exam dont have too much money for toronto school of health and others how can i prepare the exam