Canadian Practical Registered Exam - page 2

Help! Writing the my PN licensing exam On Sept 10, 2008 and I'm freaking. Been studying but every time I take practice questions i fail miserably So far I'm overwhelmed. There so much to learn.... Read More

  1. by   capcake
    Thanks Fiona! for the info. What possible work could you land if you havent passed the exam yet?.
  2. by   Fiona59
    Are you a new grad? Your college should have covered all of this.

    You work as a GPN. Usually get paid at NA wages until your Pass certificate is obtained. Back pay is only given if you PASS first writing. You won't lose the job until the third FAIL, usually unless you are prooving to be totally unsafe.
  3. by   capcake
    Thanks Fiona, i am a new grad. The reason i asked because a friend of mined failed twice and she said that she is scared for her 3rd exam. Since she has a GPN but will expire soon she was asking me if i new someone with same case as hers. Should she start looking for a HCA job just to assure her of income? She said she does not know what to do if she fails her 3rd exam .
    I was hoping someone here could give a good advise. thanks in advance.