Can We Talk About Rectal Tubes?


In the ICU that I work in we have recently switched from "Zassi" rectal tubes to Bard tubes. I really wish that I could make a combination of these two systems. I like the Zassi tubes because you could block the lumen to give medications rectally. I didn't like the Zassi because the ports and the little "strappy" things inevitably were laying under the patient causing skin breakdown. I like the Bard system because you simply detach the drainage bag and put a new one on rather than emptying liquid stool into a graduate. The ports are far down the tube away from the patient. But I miss the little port on the Zassi where you could easily collect a stool sample. It seems like the Bard system leaks less that the Zassi.

And I don't even want to talk about mushrooms and foley bags...they are a big joke someone played on nurses.

Any thoughts?

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We use Flexiseals. I love them, but sometimes they leak, and that's a whole new world of a mess.

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So, are these devices ever used on a fecal incont. pts. on other units? For antibiotic reactions, intestinal surgery etc... or no? I have seen some pretty excoriated pts. with diarrhea at clinicals, always wondered if there was something.


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We usually use them for pts. who are on tube feedings. It's nice when you pt has C. Diff or Hepatitis...keeps you away from the bugs...

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I used Zassis at one job and i agree about the benefits of the occlusion port for rectal med administration like kayexelate _WONDERFUL!!! We use Flexiseals at my current job and my last job. I agree about the ease of changing the bag rather than empytingi it. They also seem less traumatic on insertion (just my thoughts). I have had problems with both systems leaking, but I find people don't irrigate them enough.

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