Can’t decide on nursing career


Hello everyone! 
so originally I went to school for history education. I always flirted with the idea of nursing school but I’m not a huge fan of math. Lately I’ve really been thinking about nursing school. I didn’t do so well In math but I’m thinking of taking some classes at my local Community college and then going from there because I understand that nursing school is a lot of work. Has anyone ever been in this situation. I am very interested in working with women and pregnant people. Especially, since becoming a mom it has really pushed me. Giving birth changed so much of what I’ve wanted to do with my life. I’d love to work with women at a community clinic if possible. Sorry I’m just venting I think. 


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Hey! Good on you for carefully considering what you want to do before you jump in. I have a question for you:

Did you finish your degree in history education, and/or have you ever held a job in education? I say this because if not, you might want to give that a try first before committing to nursing school. Just to make sure that bridge has been crossed. Maybe you could also volunteer or shadow at a hospital or community clinic to simultaneously get a glimpse at nursing.