Can you be in a sorority while in nursing school?

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I am planning on going to nursing school to get a BSN (and eventually get my masters to become an NP!) I think joining a sorority would be really fun and I am super excited to rush. However, nursing is my top priority at school. Other than a nursing sorority, is it possible to be in a sorority and complete nursing school? Is nursing a very demanding major? Is sorority life demanding? Please help :)

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Nursing school is VERY demanding. Greek life can be demanding

If you want to do both--and it can be done--you need to find a good balance between the two. When to comes to the bottom line, you are wise to make one of them (hint: the one that will lead to a career and help pay the bills) your priority, and work the other one (hint: the one that involves social activities) around it.

The last time I was teaching in a university program, one of the nursing students was not just a member of a sorority, but was the president of her chapter that year. She was extremely organized and efficient. She was the only student I was aware of who belonged to a sorority, but it can be done. Are you going to have the extra money to join a sorority? If you're going to be paying your way through student loans, I certainly would not recommend taking out additional loans to afford sorority membership.

I was in a sorority when I was in college the first time around (long before I went into nursing), and it was a great experience. I have a lot of fond memories.

Best wishes for your journey!

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