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Can someone proofread my research paper?

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I am finishing up a research paper titled "All roads lead to nursing" about the different routes a person can take in their pursuit of nursing. Like lpn, lpn-rn, rn, rn-bsn, etc. I am almost done and was wondering if anyone was willing to give me their e-mail and proofread it. Thanks.

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See if there is a tutor at school. I utilized free English and Journalism majors. They do not have to know about the topic to know if it is well written.


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I like the suggestion of English majors at your school. Go to the student boards/want ads and look for a tutors. As much as I am on thie board I am just very careful about who I give my e-mail to.......I'm sorry. I wish you the best. :hug:

I agree with the school tutor. I just wrong a 10 page paper literature review on smoking cessation during pregnancy and postpartum and my recommendations for nurses. I went to an English tutor (who was a student) and read through my entire paper marking grammar errors and even let me know what she thought of the paper as a whole. She was really helpful.