Can someone help me?

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Hello everyone,

I am a first time user of this website and I made an account for the first time because I need help with an assignment from someone.

I have to do an interview of a nurse who has been in practice for more than 12 months. The interview is for a short assignment for one of my classes. However, the teacher did not notify us that we would have to do this interview and simply put it in the online assignments for the course and normally I read the material for class only a few days prior in order to have it fresh on my mind. I just read the material for class and saw that this interview needs to be done by class on Tuesday. Is there anyone who would be willing to have a phone call, or skype call with me so that I can ask you 3 questions pertaining to your nursing career? I promise it will take a total of maybe 10 minutes. The only reason I am asking online and not actually interviewing someone I know is because of the short amount of time I have left to do the assignment and because I figure asking someone to meet in person would take some time to work around schedules and work and what not.



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Email me ( your name & number putting "allnurses student help" in the subject line, and I will help you if it's not too late.

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How can you verify the authenticity of anyone? If you can rush to the internet you can rush to find a nurse in person.

How do you know the PP is a nurse & not a ballet dancer? Your instructor did not give you this assignment for you to do online. Interviewing someone is meant to do in person. You must get use to talking to people in person as that is what you will be doing for your career.

The assignment isn't due until Tuesday & it is currently Saturday night. You have time to complete the assignment the correct way & have it turned in by Tuesday.