Can someone help me decide on an insurance plan?


Hi, so I'm a new grad and I just started my employment. The hospital is offering Cigna medical insurance, but I am not sure what plan to go with. There's a LocalPlus EPO plan, which basically I'd have to see in-network doctors and the deductible is $500, or there's a PPO plan where it's a $1000 deductible. The plans are almost identical. I don't have any prominent health issues. I currently do not have a PCP, and I would just like to make sure I have access to a good dermatologist and gynecologist. Any recommendations on which plan would benefit me best? Thanks!

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It's hard to make a recommendation without knowing specifics, which will vary by facility, as each employer buys into different plans, levels, and specifics. Talk to coworkers who actually have the plans, and also, call your benefits resource person. This is something they should be they can help with, or at least be able to provide a number for assistance with your facility's plan at Cigna