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Hello all! I am currently serving in the USAF. I have 16 months left until I discharge. My goal is to become a RN (Murse!). I am from Youngstown & was planning on attending YSUs' BSN program. Would you suggest that I strive for BSN or ADN? Also, I cant find any definitive information regarding ADN/BSN RN programs in Ohio, any recommendations? I can relocate & would like the best education available. I wish you all the very best & thanks for the help!


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You may find this article interesting.

I obtained my BSN in August of this year. Here were some of my compelling reasons I chose the BSN vs. the ADN.

  • First, there are hospitals which hire exclusively Basin's. I did not want to limit my employment opportunities.
  • Second, I did not want to limit my career opportunities. You typically need a BSN to manage.
  • Third, life gets more complicated with time. I just wanted to get the BSN finished before life got in the way.
  • Fourth, the ADN programs I looked at had waiting lists. On average, it was going to take a year before I could even start.

I graduated from the University of Akron. I loved the program and highly recommend it. Kent State also offers a wonderful program.

Regardless the path you chose, nursing will reward you! Best of luck in your educational path.


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Very interesting! Thank you!


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I got out of the Navy 2 years ago and moved back to NE Ohio. I faced similar decisions to yours. I live just outside of Canton and spent alot of time on the BSN vs. ADN debate myself. As far as schools to attend, I know there are some around youngstown but didn't want to live there based on my brothers advice (he's a corrections officer in the prison in Mansfield) and he said a lot of prisoners where he works are from that area, suggesting its a relatively high crime area.

So, I've established I don't know much about youngstown other than hearsay, however, I am familiar with the Akron/Canton area. The BSN programs are at University of Akron and Kent State University. There are ADN programs at Stark State Technical School, Kent offers one as well, I believe there is a new one that has started up recently in Akron as well (Akron Institute or something like that), and Aultman College of Nursing. I've investigated all these pretty thoroughly and was a student at Akron University. So here's the scoop:

Akron University 4 yr BSN 1st year is all Pre-reqs, the 2nd year you ask to move to the nursing major and it will be based on your grades if you get into it or not. I assume Kent is similar to this.

Stark State is a 2 yr ADN and there is a waiting list, regardless of your grades/ACT/classes taken, there is a wait list. I was told in 2006 that I would be put on the list to start in 2009. I have a 3.77 GPA and a 28 on my ACT so I really wasn't happy with that. The upside of this school is its very cheap, like $127 a credit hour.

Kent State University ADN program.....well I tried to talk to their admissions counselors and I guess I went at the wrong time. They pretty much brushed me off told me to make an appointment for 3 weeks away to talk with a counselor. I decided to take my money elsewhere, if they were rude to a potential customer at our first meeting then I figure they don't deserve my $20,000 ;)

I signed up with Akron since I thought I had the best chance of getting in there since its merit based rather than 'who is in line ahead of you'. In my first semester there someone told me about Aultman school of Nursing so I looked into it.

Aultman School of Nursing....2yr ADN, competitive based application with no wait lists. If you have good grades/ACT score, then you have a good chance of getting in and they admit a class in the spring and another in the fall. I know people who got in with a 22 ACT around a 3.0 gpa.........and they still turned away a fair amount of people last semester. Needless to say I am almost finished with my 1st semester and feel its a really good program. The downside is the academic classes go through a private university so tuition is the same as going to a 4 year state school about $395 a credit hour.

I guess I should state why I switched from a BSN school to an ADN. It was mainly a convenience thing. I have 2 young children, my wife is an RN supporting us and I wanted to get done with my degree and start working as quick as possible. I'll get done with my 2 year degree and then my wife will go back for her RN to MSN through Akron University. When she is done with that then I will complete my RN-MSN. We got a plan, it just takes a while to implement.

The guy who told me about the Aultman program was an Army veteran who graduated from there and was working on his RN-BSN, and the guy who helped me out with advice on moving back to Ohio and the schools in this area was a CRNA (another Army Veteran). My point is feel free to ask questions, we veterans have a strong tradition of helping each other out. Seeya'round


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I really appreciate the info. You heard true, Youngstown is kind of a bad place. Youngstown State has a BSN program, im definately looking to attend there. I dont like how some people get turned away after their 1st year. Im debating going for RN or CIS (computer information systems). Ive narrowed it down to those 2. I figure medical & computer fields will dominate as far as job security, ability to find work, & somewhat lucrative. Youngstown also has a 9 month LPN crash course, but i feel once I get the LPN, ill immediately want RN.


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I guess ya gotta decide what you want to do and what you want to work with. If you hang around some of the male nursing forums you'll see a repeating pattern of guys leaving CIS jobs either from a lack of satisfaction or increasing competition for the jobs. Personally, I used to be a Gas Turbine Technician (Mechanical) while in the Navy....basically I was a jet engine mechanic. I got tired of working on things that couldn't give me any feedback. I fix an engine, do some maintenance on a pump...then come back and do it again in 6 months. It just wasn't very satisfying for me.

You still have plenty of time to decide though. I just realized you aren't getting out for 16 months.... If I was in your position and had made up my mind for Nursing, I would come back to Ohio on leave and sign up at Stark State. You could get on the waiting list and do your waiting while still in the Air Force. The upside of this is you can get in a school where the tuition is a third of what I'm paying and pocket the extra GI BILL money. An ADN can be a wise first step for people entering the nursing field especially considering that a BSN and ADN will make the same amount of money for the first 5-10 years anyways. A BSN grad isn't going to step into a managerial position right out of school and that's the only area where a BSN will have an edge over ADN. Money wise its probably the most money you will make on a 2 year degree. My wife has been an RN (ADN program) for 20 months now and works as an ICU agency nurse and she will make $75k this year. Granted she works a lot of hours, usually 48 to 60 hours a week, but its hard to turn down $60 bucks an hour when your on overtime ;) also, she's only been agency for 6 months so really her 2 year degree is pushing a $90K a year in her situation.


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D'oh, I forgot to mention another important thing to consider when debating BSN vs. ADN. Opportunity cost. Every year you spend in school is another year you're not working. So on average a nurse will make @$50k their first year or 2 out of school, probably more with overtime worked. So your BSN will cost an extra $100k in missed wages vs. a 2 year ADN.....this is in addition to a 4 year college costing about 200% more per credit hour. Hope this helps ya some.


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Definately alot to ponder. I was a MH-53 crewchief down in FL. We worked with the engines alot but not as in depth as the Engine troops. Its cool to see another maintainer on here!

Specializes in Med Surg, Telemetry, BCLS. Has 5 years experience.

I'm sorry to be off-topic here. But I just wanted to thank you for your advice and to say how hilarious your post was and is! LOL! LOL!

I come from a computer background and I too, am seeking more input and feedback other than from a "machine". LOL!

Your post made my day and confirmed that my choice going into nursing was a solid decision!

Good luck to you, your wife and your family!

God Bless! Oh and thank you for serving our Country!


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have you considered that there are several 2+2 programs in Ohio?

RioGrand, Ohio University, Hocking College, Shawnee State are all down here in south central Ohio. So- ADN then continue with your BSN- best of both worlds.

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